Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Harold R. McAlindon


Leader projects is a team of skilled professionals that creates, develops and manages online, Internet projects. Today after the World Wide Web revolution gave us the means to manage and exchange, share the information in just seconds – World has so much more new spaces to create, discover. Now your target market can be the whole world and not just the region where you are located in. Leader projects offers you, your business, personal project, social group, school, etc. a helping hand to create this perfect environment to your practice, synchronize it, caring for details, note deficiencies and help correct them. Any type of activity can thrive on the Internet it just has to be well thought of and properly presented.

Many years of experience in website development business led us to conclude that only a well build website is not enough. So many details makes a whole. It’s not just appearance and design makes a leader website, it’s content, knowing who your visitor is, studying competitiveness of the market, purifying the Idea, making it all work for you and knowing how to control it. This is the essence of Leader projects. Making every project to leading in its field. We are happy and honored to have a chance to work on such a variety of projects. Ranging from leisure, traveling to constructions, art market and education.

Leader Projects